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Enrico Arrigoni Auxiliary master equation approach to non-equilibrium correlated impurities
Jan Barański In-gap states of a quantum impurity hybridized with the superconductor
George Batrouni Exotic phases in the one-dimensional extended bosonic Hubbard model
Janez Bonca Relaxation dynamics of a charge carrier in correlated electron systems
Eduardo Castro Interaction effects in low-buckled graphene-like crystals
Theodoulos Costi Time-Dependent Numerical Renormalization Group for Multiple Quenches: Application to General Pulses and Periodic Driving
Dawid Crivelli Particle and energy currents in a driven integrable system
Jerzy Dajka
Tadeusz Domanski Interplay between superconductivity and correlations in nanoscopic structures
Ulrich Eckern Spin-thermoelectric effects in a two-dimensional electron gas
Klaus Ensslin Imaging integer and fractional quantum Hall edge states
Jaroslav Fabian Spin relaxation and anisotropic exchange in quantum dots
James Freericks Universal transport properties of bad metals
Bartłomiej Gardas
Michał Gawełczyk Modeling of spin dynamics in optically driven tunneling-coupled quantum wells
Grzegorz Górski Alternative equation of motion approach applied to transport through a Quantum Dot
Claudio Giannetti Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates
Anna Gorczyca-Goraj
Dorota Gotfryd Spin correlations on a Frustrated Honeycomb
Pawel Hawrylak Carbononics, e-e correlations and topology
Fabian Heidrich-Meisner Non-equilibrium dynamics of interacting bosons in quantum quenches and in the sudden expansion in optical lattices
Vaclav Janis Diagrammatic approach to the Anderson impurity attached to a superconductor: $0$ and $pi$ phase in the spin-symmetric solution
Iwona Janus-Zygmunt
Paul Julienne Universality in cold molecular collisions
Mariusz Krawiec 1D corrugated graphene on a well ordered Si(553) surface
Andreas Kreisel Visualization of atomic-scale phenomena in superconductors
Marcin Kurpas Charge Transport through Semiconductor Quantum Dot-Ring Nanostructure
Bartosz Kuśmierz Macdonald polynomials and fractional quantum Hall effect
Barbara Kędzierska Relaxation times in quantum dot-ring nanostructures
Martin Lahrz Detecting quadrupole interactions in ultracold Fermi gases
Romuald Lemański Unconventional electron conductivity induced by temperature
Mariusz Lisowski
Lukasz Machura
Damian Makieła Spontaneous currents in bosonic rings
Maciej Maska
Ludwig Mathey Reducing phase fluctuations in a layered superconductor via driving
Yigal Meir Emerging localized states and alternating Kondo effcts in quantum point contacts
Marcin Mierzejewski One-dimensional integrable systems during driving and relaxation
Andrzej M. Oleś Hole propagation in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model
Žiga Osolin
Marta Pelc Transport properties of twisted bilayer nanoribbon quantum dots
Mariusz Pietruszka Checksum in doubly frustrated microtubule clusters
Agata Podsiadły-Paszkowska Functionalization of silicene: charge doping and strain
Lode Pollet Quantum simulation of two-dimensional U(1) critical systems: A Higgs particle and the possible help of string theory for the optical conductivity
Andrzej Ptok Superconductivity in inhomogeneous systems \ -- the Chebyshev-Bogoliubov-de Gennes method
Marcos Rigol Quantum Quenches in the Thermodynamic Limit
Krzysztof Rosciszewski
Katarzyna Roszak Magnetic field dependence of quantum dot spin qubit entanglement decay
Carlos Sa de Melo Effects of spin-orbit coupling on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition \ and the vortex-antivortex structure in two-dimensional Fermi gases.
Adam Sajna Dynamics of ultracold bosonic gases in gauge engineered vector potentials
Vijay Pal Singh Probing superfluidity in Bose-Einstein condensates via stirring
Józef Spałek Real space pairing in high-Tc and heavy-fermion superconductors: \ Beyond renormalized mean-field theory and comparison to experiment
Jakub Spiechowicz Brownian motors in micro-scale domain: Enhancement of efficiency by noise
Tomasz Szczepański Superpoissonian Shot Noise In a Double-Barrier Tunnel Junctions
Nandini Trivedi Topology and Correlations driving new materials, phases and phenomena
Piotr Trocha Signatures of a Majorana bound state in transport through double quantum dot coupled to topological nanowire
Paulina Trybek Multifractal properties of the electrophysiological time series
Thomas Vojta How random is topological disorder?
Karol Izydor Wysokiński Optical Kerr effect in the chiral three band superconductor Sr$_2$RuO$_4$
Magdalena Zapalska-Barańska Continuous unitary transformation appraoch to the strongly correlated systems
Michał Zegrodnik Spin triplet pairing induced by the Hunds rule in the doubly degenerate Hubbard model: Statistically consistent Gutzwiller approximation
Elzbieta Zipper
Piotr Zuchowski Tunable magnetic Feshbach resonances in Er+Li and Sr+Rb mixtures: toward the paramagnetic, polar, ultracold molecules.
Wilhelm Zwerger Attractive Fermi Gases at Infinite Coupling
Rok Žitko Shiba states of an Anderson impurity in hybrid normal-superconducting systems
Martin Žonda Voltage noise, elementary phase slip processes, and switching in Josephson junctions with unconventional current-phase relation

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