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Sergii Anufriiev Multicriticality and interaction-induced first order phase transitions in mixtures of ultracold bosons in optical lattice
Barnypok aRXDjYjPPEoEvxHmMnS
Jan Barański Spin resolved interference in „T” shape Majorana quantum dot coupled to metallic and superconducting leads.
Banasri Basu A Berry Phase Approach towards the Dynamics of Electron and Optical Vortex Beams
Krzysztof Bieniasz Analytical study of spin-orbital polarons in KCuF$_{3}$
Maciej Bieniek Transport properties of the topological insulator Bi (111)
Janez Bonca Nature of Bosonic Excitations Revealed by High-Energy Charge Carriers
Marta Brzezińska Entanglement spectrum of Chern insulators
Charles Clark Stimulated Hawking radiation in a laboratory Bose-Einstein condensate
Theo Costi Thermodynamics and transient dynamics of the ohmic two-state system
Wojciech Czart The effects of the finite temperature phase fluctuations on the eta--phase transition in the extended Hubbard model with the repulsive pair--hopping interaction.
Jerzy Dajka
Tadeusz Domanski Enhancement of the Kondo effect by electron pairing in nanostructures
Jacek Dziarmaga Variational Tensor Network Renormalization in Imaginary Time: Quantum Lattice Models at Finite Temperature
Ulrich Eckern Transport Properties of Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermi Systems
Jaroslav Fabian Graphene/TMDC heterostructures for spintronic applications
Raymond Frésard Intertwined orders of the doped two-dimensional Hubbard model from symmetry-entangled wave-functions
James Freericks Relaxation of populations in nonequilibrium many-body physics: The breaking of Mathiessen's rule
Marek Gluza Equilibration via Gaussification in fermionic lattice systems
Barnypok GRMfshhnwl
Szczepan Głodzik Correlations, electron pairing and quantum interference in nanostructures
Fabian Heidrich-Meisner Many-body localization from a single-particle perspective
Jacek Herbrych Quenched disorder within S=1 anisotropic antiferromagnet:\\ random magnetic felds in Br-doped DTN compound
Frantisek Herman Dynes Formula for Tunneling Density of States Microscopic Interpretation
Pawel Jakubczyk Amplitude fluctuations in the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase
Iwona Janus-Zygmunt Quantum dot-ring nanostructure - a comparison of different approaches
Katarzyna Jesionek Low-Density Lipoproteins Transport in the Arterial Wall Affected by Low Wall Shear Stress and Hypertension
Antoine Khater Theoretical DNLCPA - PFMT model for coherent spin wave dynamics and scattering inrnthe magnonics of magnetic nanosystems with some structural disorder
Marcin Kisiel Probing Atomic Structure and Majorana Wavefunctions in Mono-Atomic Fe-chains on Superconducting Pb-Surface
Aksel Kobiałka {\large{\bf Effect of the Majorana bound state on electron \\transport through the Coulomb correlated T-shape quantum dot}}
Krzysztof Kolasiński Quantum transport theory for systems with disorder
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Marcin Kurpas Spin relaxation in phosphorene: intrinsic versus extrinsic effects
Bartosz Kuśmierz Young diagrams and Hall systems
Andrzej P. Kądzielawa Dot-ring nanostructure: Rigorous analysis of many-electron effects
Barbara Kędzierska Electric current through semiconductor quantum dot-ring nanostructure
Romuald Lemański Rigorous results for the simplified Hubbard models \\derived within the DMFT
Mariusz Lisowski
Ming-Hao Liu Phase-coherent charge transport in mesoscopic ballistic graphene
David Logan Mott Transitions in the Periodic Anderson Model
Lukasz Machura
Maciej Maska
Ludwig Mathey Theory of enhanced interlayer tunneling in optically driven high Tc superconductors
Jacek Matysiak Theory of magnetic molecular rings
Grzegorz Michałek Local/non-local thermopowers in three-terminal hybrid device with quantum dot
Roman Micnas Superfluid transition and phase diagram of the Boson-Fermion resonant model on a lattice: T-matrix approach
Marcin Mierzejewski Distinctive response of many-body localized systems to strong electric field
Alina Mreńca-Kolasińska Fractional quantization of quantum Hall longitudinal resistance in n-p-n graphene junctions with split gates
Tomas Novotny Quantum interference effects on IETS signals
Andrzej M. Oleś Holes, orbital dilution and doublon dilution in Mott insulators
Grzegorz Pawłowski
Marta Pelc Nontrivial topologically protected states at grain boundaries in bilayer graphene: signatures and electrical switching
Mariusz Pietruszka pH/T duality -- equations of state and evolution for plants
Pawel Potasz Composite Fermion States in Chern Insulators
Peter Prelovsek Many-body localization in disordered Hubbard model
Paweł Promny Monte Carlo study of adatoms on graphene
Andrzej Ptok The ab initio study of unconventional superconductivity in FeSe
Anton Ramsak Exact qubit manipulation on Rashba rings
Tommaso Roscilde Quantum correlations unveiled
Carlos Sa de Melo Quantum phases of two-component interacting bosons in optical lattices \\ and in the presence of spin-orbit and Rabi couplings
Adam Sajna Hofstadter butterfly in a bosonic Mott insulator
Pedro Schlottmann Phase separation and FFLO phases in ultra-cold gas of fermionic atoms with attractive potential in a one-dimensional trap
Olga Sikora The Quantum Ground State of Dipolar Spin Ice
Józef Spałek t-J model or not t-J model
Jakub Spiechowicz Diffusion anomalies in ac-driven Brownian ratchets
Barbara Szukiewicz Three terminal efficient heat to electricity converter.
Aleksandra Słapik Enhanced diffusion in the layered porous media
Paulina Trybek Electrophysiological time series analysis using a modified algorithm of detrended fluctuation analysis based on empirical mode decomposition
Oleksandr Tsyplyatyev Nature of the many-body excitations in a quantum wire: theory and experiment
Jakub Tworzydło Chiral magnetic effect in a Weyl semimetal.
Andrzej Więckowski Charge stiffness and Majorana states in the Kitaev model\\ with many-body interaction
Krzysztof Wohlfeld Origin of strong dispersion in Hubbard insulators
Karol Izydor Wysokiński Holographic superconductors in the presence of dark matter
Barnypok YehtNmGoXmvi
Michał Zegrodnik High temperature superconductivity in the t-J-U-V model: influence of interlayer couplingrnand formation of charge ordered phase
Elzbieta Zipper
Michael Zwolak Topological characterization of energy transport in micro- and nano-mechanical lattices
Marcin Łobejko Temporal quantum correlations in close and open systems
Martin Žonda Phase transitions in quantum dot asymmetrically attached to two superconducting leads

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